do i think like a woman?

the neuro-babble

diagrammable behaviour

words matching tissue

the woman thinks womanly thoughts

we have mapped it the people say

about babies and house-style

about pretty and propped up

by the man’s compliment

the woman being the compliment of man

con-pliant compliant complimant yes man it comps composing our minds for woman

bruce jender and hersoul

feeling at birth like an amoeba an-nothingness

not knowing not kowtowing to the same game of man

codswallow codswallops


living on this earth to do simple tasks like live and love

no male thoughts no female thoughts no thoughts on male or female thoughts

n’existe pas

je suis puis je pense je pense puis je suis

je ne suis pas parce que je ne suis pas puissant

this is how a woman thinks, she thinks out loud if allowed by the lordie lordie the loud lord or lout

the lout who will not let her be allowed to shout parce que elle est un femme pas fameuse,

but famished for some recognition for being,

just being parce que elle est reconnu comme une femme, pas un femme

by the man/ne or the main/man who hands out the manner for être, four  or two being not one only and only one has won too

the neurobabble what is it to be a man/brain


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