One Rape is One Rape Too Many

Reuters has reported that Dana Contreras, a well-known Twitter executive, has accepted a plea deal on a rape charge. His ex-wife was the victim of a vicious attack carried out in her home and overheard by her daughter. According to the San Francisco Examiner, the rape charge was dropped as part of a plea deal. In other words, the transgender-identified male accepted the guilt for the charge of rape, in order to stay out of prison.

One of my concerns is about the lack of coverage by media outlets, and the perpetrator’s link to the media through his high-profile employment at Twitter.

This story is ripe for discussion; I wish to question the “popular” acceptance of transgender-identified men who keep their male sexual organs. In claiming they are women, they make a mockery of reproductive classification, and of rape.

Rape of Tamar

Rape of Tamar

Rape is the ultimate statement of misogyny, and men must understand the important message the act tells women. This is one of the first sexualized fears that girls learn as they grow up in our world; “One is not born, but rather becomes, a woman,” (Simone, who else.)

These learned experiences form a type of universal experience for women, all around the world. I remember how my own father used to insist that I carry a pair of scissors in my purse to ward off rapists. He understood the mind-set behind these violent acts, as most men do ( I do not think for a second that most men have rape thoughts), and he wanted his young daughter to be safe, helping me to internalize a common female experience.

A woman cannot perform a penetrative rape on a woman with her sexual organs. That’s the truth!

There is a wholesale denial in this story of Contreras, his rape of his ex-wife, and the media’s reluctance to spotlight the story.A Gazette newspaper blogger (it is a transgender themed blog) answered my request for a remark on the case in this way: “There’s not much for me to write about. Trans people commit crimes, too.”  Inadequate at best…..Susanna_and_the_Elders_(1610),_Artemisia_Gentileschi

Men, who masquerade as women, are men. Men, who have penises, are not “women with penises,” as is the common phrase these days in transgender lobbyist circles. This issue goes further than simple semantics. It is an important a social construct.

As a female, and as a politically-informed female, I think it is up to informed and concerned media portals to clarify and spotlight the dangers of accepting men with penises who identify as transgender. We must discuss the consequences, such as rape, that are happening to some women. The Bathroom Issue!

One rape is one rape too many.


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