Crowdfunding just bought Samantha Allen a vagina

Tonight I decided to flip to the documentary channel from CBC, and I fell into the world of a transsexual named Samantha Allen. I do not know who she is, but apparently she is some sort of figure in social media, writing on mainly gaming blogs, talking diversity. I decided to google her name….and what came up but an article on the Daily Dot, which proclaims: “Crowdfunding bought Samantha Allen a vagina.” Click here to view the article:

Now I might be naive, but I did not know that people now crowd-fund their sexual organs. Click here to see the crowd fund website. Mine came with my birth. A vagina has been a site of conflict for women for a long time, but to objectify and treat a vagina like an object, to purchase, and to make light of the procurement of a vagina, creates a war zone of ideas.

And here I was thinking that women, having control over their own reproductive process was still a revolutionary wish, to most women on the planet.

Take Ireland (like Henny Goodman’s famous one-liner, “take my wife, please”,) where gender recognition on birth certificates is legally permitted, but a pregnant woman cannot legally choose an abortion. Therefore, a man could decide to buy a vagina and have the birth certificate state their femaleness, but a woman cannot decide what goes on in her own vagina? Has the world just gone nuts? Or lack of nuts to be precise!

A misogynist can decide to buy space in a vagina (think prostitution.) Or as a gender imperialist/misogynist who can purchase the whole vagina for a few thousand American dollars. 52909755

I am going to bed to ease this headache of thunderous thoughts…am i just a reactionary who cannot see the truth of sex and gender? or am i the child who cries “the emperor has no clothes”?”

At least I can see a joke in all of this!! Thank you grumpy cat.

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