what exactly are the issues?

in an ideal world, i would like to see each and every one of us have the inner peace of accepting oneself. however, i know that many issues trip up this utopian dream.

here are some of the issues i wish to raise on this blog. i do have the background research done of several of these issues, and now the challenge is to write.

1. Who funds the Transgender/Transsexual clinics? Why does this matter? It matters because there is an inherent agenda in philanthropy (the giving your money away part of it), and often, it is political and comes from deep personal experience with an issue. Why does this matter? It matters because the phenomena of trans-identified people is  recent (like the past 100 years.) It matters because people with deep pockets are making their names out of giving money to promote the concept, and the execution of transsexualism. Some of these people are working hard to enshrine identity politics in our hospitals, our educational system, our legal system, our military and in our daily lives; pushing this agenda without the evidence based science behind their theories.

2. What happens after transsexuals take the cross sex hormones for a long time? We do know the effect Premarin has had on the female population, and that impact was harmful enough to cause alarm. This resulted in the Big Pharma machine losing $3 billion  dollars, after the Women’s Health Initiative was published  in 1991. Gynaecologists and cardiologists are extremely hesitant about prescribing female hormones to women, unless absolutely necessary.

3. What happens to families? The negative side to a person’s transition is rarely spoken, or written about in pscyh journals, family therapy journals, etc. This is the hardest aspect for me, because I was a young teen going through puberty and I had severe depression as a result. I will attempt to explore my own puberty and how my brother’s transition affected my journey.

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